LG-EX Black Convoy / Nemesis Prime Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Exclusive

LG-EX Black Convoy / Nemesis Prime Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Exclusive LG-EX Black Convoy / Nemesis Prime Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Exclusive
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Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Exclusive:
Transformer Legends EX-LG G2 Black Convoy / Nemesis Prime

Exklusiv für die Tokyo Toy Show 2015 präsentiert Takara Tomy diesen schwarzen Nemesis Prime, basierend auf dem United G2 Optimus Prime Mold.  



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Ohne Worte Patrick G., 15.11.2015

Vergesst das es diese Figur jemals als Optimus Prime Variante gab! Sie wurde aus einem Grund geschaffen: Als Hommage an Car Robots Black Convoy alias RID Scourge, die Figur, welche Black Repaints quasi für die Neuzeit etabliert hat!
Die Figur überzeugt in allen Punkten: Fahrzeug, Verwandlung, Roboter, Bewaffnung, Beweglichkeit! Eine tolle Figur durch und durch und in dieser Version definitiv die beste Version!

Highly articulated RID hommage Rutger B., 25.08.2015

A redeco of Reveal the shield G2 Optimus Prime, Black Convoy is the japanese version of RID Scourge and is a beautifull homage to the character. We dont get many updated versions of RID characters, in fact the only one that comes to mind as being released at genereral Retail price is Generations Sky-Byte. Black Convoy however is certainly worth the higher price-tag: the articulation here is amazing, there are few moves the toy cannot make.
The Original version of the mold has shown stress marks around the wrists, but this is not a problem with Black Convoy, i have moved the sword in and out of his hands several times and twisted his wrists without any sign of stress-marks.
The instruction-sheet is in Japanese obviously, but the pictures are so self-explanatory that you wouldnt need extra help, if it wasnt for the fact that the transformation requires a few small parts to twist and click, so i reccomend to watch a video-review before transforming him.
Lastly but not least: i really like how he comes packed in a simple cardboard box wich fits around him as a glove, a lot more enviromental-friendly than the usual oversized boxes with see-throug plastic, and a lot easier to store.

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