Living Dead Dolls Rotten Sam & Sandy

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Die Living Dead Dolls Rotten Sam und Sandy als ca. 27 cm große Figuren in Stoffkleidung von Mezco.

Jede der beiden schaurig-schönen Puppen kommt in einem stilgerechten aufklappbaren Sarg. inkl. Sterbeurkunde.

Rotten Sam and Sandy creep from your toy chest at night.
They hide in the shadows of your bedroom after you turn out the light.
They giggle and whisper in darkness, just in the corner of sight.
They speak of candy and razors, and things much too horrid to bear.
And if you peer 'neath your bed tonight, you can be sure they'll be there.
They just want to have fun with you, playing all day and all night.
Your screams are like candy to them... pray you can get to the light!


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