Transformers Platinum Series Trypticon

Transformers Platinum Series Trypticon Transformers Platinum Series Trypticon Transformers Platinum Series Trypticon Transformers Platinum Series Trypticon
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Product packaging
We're taking out our supplied items from original covering boxes, like they've sent to us from the manufacturors or distributors. Due to often huge transport distances, the product packagings could have soft strains and stress marks. These aren't reasonable for customer complaint. Real damagings like fractures and separated blisters won't be send to our customers for sure.

The most figures are painted manually or got such a finish. That's why variations in painting and  coloring are normal and aren't reasonable for customer complaint at all.

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We're aware of a lot of our customers, who want to leave the products in their packaging. They also pay attention to a 100% flawless packaging and painting.
Those customers choose on the article page  "Collector Upgrade" for an low extra charge. (Only available for a part of our inventory so far)
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Standard Collector Update

The product can be displayed in its packaging, but however also could feature soft strains, stress marks and dents.

The product can be displayed in its packaging. Soft strains, stress marks and dents will be rejected as much as possible.

Due to manual painting, variations in painting and coloring, as well as irregularities are possible.
Obvious variations in painting and coloring will be rejected as much as possible, as far it can be seen from outside.

Requests to the quality of product packagings or paintings can't be considered for.
Requests to the quality of product packagings and paintings can be made during the checkout in the comment field and will be considered by us during the end control.

If we should have found out differences, we're going to contact the customer before shipping.

The iarticles are sent to you by sturdy cardboard packagings, buffered with enough newsprint-papers. Cardboard strips are for space conditions. This has been approved over the time and resists normal to harder dispatch conditions.

Collector Upgrade Packanordnung

The figures are sent to you by sturdy cardboard packagings. A sturdy cardboard strip is laid on the bottom, so that the product packagings are laid on a flat level. We're also placing cardboard strips vertically and horizontally between each product packaging. There's air buffers around the product packagings and also on the top, and finally covered with a cardboard strip. That resists also harder dispatch conditions.

























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Aus Hasbro´s edler Platinum Series:
Transformers Platinum Series Reissue Trypticon

Trypticon will seine Gegner nicht nur besiegen, sondern auch komplett ausradieren. Autobots, die ihm im Kampf gegenüberstehen, verarbeitet er zu Schrott und anschließend zu geschmolzener Brühe. Ganze Städte sind seiner Stärke schon zum Opfer gefallen. Wenn Trypticon einmal in Fahrt kommt, kann kaum eine Kraft im Universum ihn aufhalten. Lediglich der mächtige Metroplex unter den Autobots weiß ihm im Kampf Einhalt zu gebieten.

Dieser Decepticon Trypticon im originalem G1-Design kann sich in eine gewaltige Artillery-Basis oder in eine futuristische Stadt verwandeln.
Alles zusammen kommt in einer attraktiven Sammlerbox mit Aufklappdeckel.

Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet! Erstickungsgefahr aufgrund verschluckbarer Kleinteile!


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